MEMENTO MORI: This Way – This Light3

This Way
This Way (click to enlarge).

This Way – look closely,

pause before bright memories

layered on time



This Light3 listed

words patched over,  grow vines

with scented blooms




This Light 3
This Light 3 (click to enlarge)

The perfume of the dried rose crosses seasons and years – a melody that echoes & stirs the heart.


The rose past prime by George Weaver. Click image for source.


For a dear fellow blogger and photographer, who in her seventy third year faces life with grace, delightful poetic & ironic humour and a strength of character that we all wish we could emulate. She knows how to make a fist of triumph & understanding.

Click image for source & read Making a Fist

I follow this part of her journey humbled in  quiet admiration & wonder.



12 thoughts on “MEMENTO MORI: This Way – This Light3

    1. Thanks very much. Make sure to click the links and visit George’s two blogs. They contain beautiful photography and heart felt observations on life. Her one blog has become a journal of observations & memories for her grandson.

      1. I did that. She needs to take time to get to all the comments, so it may take a bit before she spots it. 🙂

    1. I turned 61 this year. I still find it amazing how blogging can allow us to reach out across distance, cultures and generations to create connection and share experiences. It the generational divide that can be bridged , which is something I thought I had lost when retiring from teaching, that I find exciting. New ideas and youthful experiences keep us from calcifying. Being able to share with those who are further down the road helps us prepare for our own journeys .

      George is a remarkable person, though I think she would laugh at me for suggesting it. 😀

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