The Princesses



Princess Ponders 1


Princesses Ponder


14 thoughts on “The Princesses

    1. Many thanks. The original photographs suffered from messy backgrounds. I salvaged the best elements by using a woodblock effect. I created some more of my own taped paper textures and then incorporated them into the modified images. 🙂

  1. These are all very nice to look at. I particularly like the first one. It has a real sense of mystery and adventure to it.

  2. Lovely, Joseph. I just happen to be reading a fantasy novel and these images fit right into the theme of the story and made quite the impression with me because of that 🙂

    1. A Synchronistic processing of ideas to awaken the unconscious mind that it may converse with the everyday awareness of the real world. Or just the luck of the internet. 😀

      1. I’ll take the second explanation, the first sounds so much like all the gobbl-dee gook that some artists write about their work (and I never quite understand) 🙂

      2. Sometimes the unconscious mind is hard at work organizing ideas and connections. They suddenly pop up in our awareness unexpectedly . Things appear to just fall into place. 😀

        Add a bit of random events coming together and you get a creative stew that appears ordained.

        I would have some of the senior English classes keep a record of coincidences for creative writing purposes – it could get freaky as unconscious patterns emerged. gave them insight into symbolism and creative thinking.

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