Advice to Poets &Time Travellers

Hands -Mystery Time 3kg


Some advice , ………

I was exploring the past, watching the moments trickle away, when I stepped on a half melted ice cube –



slipping past seconds


I fell into the capricious cacophony of a chaotic future.

Life and Time Traveling can be like that,

If you don’t watch your step


Fail to mop-up the Allegory symbolizing into a pool on the Floor.


Hands -Mystery 3 Time Travel



Note: I have been posting a bit less frequently lately because 

–  My wife feels there is some yard work to attend to

–  I have been reading The Bloodline Feud , an alternative history novel ( fascinating premise, suspense, court intrigue and an interesting take on capitalism as Medieval Mercantilism meets the 21st century)   by Charles Stross(Charlie’s Diary his Blog).

– I have been adding a few more posts to my Media Literacy blog :   The Peanuts Movie – Re-Inventing the CG Animation Aesthetic & I Know That Icon, Just Can Not Place the Medium .



4 thoughts on “Advice to Poets &Time Travellers

  1. love the mood music for the ice cube clip. now go outside and do it in the yard, man! yard work is cool. 🙂

    most fun. ~meredith

    1. Where I live winter yard work is cold with a chance of frost bite.
      Spring & summer yard work is warm to hot with bug bites, no chance involved, just variations in numbers.

      They use my wife’s epidermis to create an environmental art installation . They judiciously nip me as a reminder that I too am mortal. 😀

      I actually redid a rock wall around an irregular oval flower bed. Suffered minor damage, but can still type on keyboard. 😀

    1. Glad you enjoyed. Found the ice cube clip by happy accident – thought it fitted well with my science fiction prose poem. 🙂

      Working very slowly on a new video piece of my own. Keeps changing as I gather components & ideas. It may end up being two piece or just fall apart . 😀

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