Trellis & Vine – Implied Space

Trellis - Impled Space 1


Trellis - Impled Space 2


Trellis - Impled Space 3


Trellis - Impled Space


11 thoughts on “Trellis & Vine – Implied Space

      1. It reminds me of some literary themes of the edges of things, the borders, where this becomes that. Ancient civilizations even had a deity for it, the goddess of the crossroads.

      2. Thanks for dropping by & commenting. That is an excellent observation – mythic/archetypal awareness of implied spaces. We often assume that earlier cultures were unaware of certain concepts or ideas, when in reality they recognized them, but expressed them in a different context. It brings to mind Neil Gaiman’s novel, American Gods, and how in the implied space of American culture, old gods adapt and new gods arise.

      3. Neil Gaiman is an excellent author, but my favorite that addresses this topic is Sir Terry Pratchett in his Discworld book ‘Small Gods’. Hilarious but extremely shrewd all at the same time.

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