Antique Symbols – Fantastic Universe 18Q

Antique Symbols - Fantastic Universe 18Q
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The Antique Symbols of the Fantastic Universe 18Q have had exo-linguists  and inter-dimensional  sociologists fascinated for some time. The use of printed text must derive from their access to large arboreal cultivation on a scale unknown to us. It is assumed that the term “Disney vacation” must relate to funerary customs. Whether vacation was a euphemism, a social celebratory activity or an actual in-form non-corporeal transitioning , as depicted in the visual on the lower left corner, has yet to be established.  It has been theorized that “Disney” represents some complex belief system which has no correlation in our sector of the multiverse.


Famed Metaphysical Environmentalist, John Brunner, appears to have had an equally lustrous scientific career in the Fantastic Universe 18Q  as he has had in our own. A “novel” or new thing is no doubt, an 18Q term for an Engineered Metaphysical Ecosystem.  The Great Hyper-Dimensional Architect of  The Triune Monarchy of Scythia-Pannonnia-TransbalkaniaAvram Davidson,  is mentioned constructing stories ( possibly raising Jungian Strata to a level where direct communication with us may be possible) . Also mentioned is the Majorcan  Socio-gender Engineer  & Architect, Theodore Pratt, most noted in our sector for extending  the Majorcan Democratic Unity into Sub-Aquatic Limpet Stories. The noted Californian Dreamscape Architect and Explorer of Time and Memory, Robert M. Williams, is also identified here, making it quite possible that Fantastic Universe 18Q also includes the Los Angeles Incan  Democratic Confederation and their famous Semiotic Information  Highway.

Further textual analysis of The Antique Symbols of the Fantastic Universe 18Q will be required as more become available.

Sub-Note: Link on Disney Vacation Too Deadly


9 thoughts on “Antique Symbols – Fantastic Universe 18Q

    1. elmediat

      Many thanks. The early illustrations for science fiction often take on a more metaphorical expression of an idea as time passes. The romantic masquerade seems as otherworldly to us now as the robot figure. Ironically as we move towards post singularity the image becomes a metaphor of the transitional state our society now finds itself in.

      Hope you checked out the Disney link to see where I acquired the Disney captioned image – an excellent example the internet ad-placement creating ironic social commentary.

  1. Right now I’m in a group exhibition in which one of the artists, Erna De Vries, is exhibiting excellent work that reminds me of yours except her art isn’t digital. She makes mixed media collages that are pretty close to being 3D art instead of the 2D art they actually are. Adding text to her textures seems to also be very important to her as it is in your work:

    1. elmediat

      Many thanks for the link. One of my interests in Mass Media is how there is this flow of codes and conventions as one medium imitates the codes and conventions of another one – in the process imitation/emulation creates something new and constructs a different type of reality to convey a unique message.

      Hands on mixed media of visual arts has become more expansive and of much greater interest to the general public. It is as if the both artists and the public have a desire to take the virtual reality found in digital art and make it solid & tactile.

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