Antique Mystery Map – Pictures & Text

Antique Paper mystery Map List 3T


Antique Paper mystery Map List 2T


21th Century Machine - Mystery Map List


Antique Paper Mystery Map Depot Lake 26qrt


antique tree Mystery Map List

Antique Paper Mystery Map List 2Tg - Depot Lake


11 thoughts on “Antique Mystery Map – Pictures & Text

    1. Glad you enjoyed. If you take a look at the enlarged version of the fifth image you will see elements of figures incorporated into the layers, including glowing eyes of a partial face.

  1. Thanks very much. As this sequences grew I had two things in mind. First those unexpected links, implied spaces connecting text, abstracts and images, and second those secret codes to find hidden treasures/objects ( Poe’s Gold-bug and Nova Scotia’s Oak Island Lost Pirate treasure). In this the treasure is in the viewer’s unconscious and each viewer will find their own lost /hidden item. 🙂

    1. By the way, seeing that you’re in the area, do you know if there is production for another season of “The Curse of Oak Island” for the History Channel?

      My wife and I, and two of our nieces are completely drawn into the mystery.

      1. Thanks very much. The third image incorporates a detail shot of a fur machine from the late 1950s ( sewing machine designed to work with fur).

        Have not heard anything on the show recently. it is an intriguing mystery. I sometimes wonder if some of the unsolved mysteries are artifacts from an alternate time-line that have somehow found their way here. Just enough evidence to suggest they are real, but not enough to real add up because they are an anomaly out of time & place. Then again it could be an implied space of the imagination. 🙂

  2. Love maps (because they inspire me to go see what’s there), love texture (because they build things up), love your images (because you are so creative!)

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