Beach Party at the Park – Broken Folklore

Park Gathering 1

Extract from They Cycle the Star Lanes:

In a certain country there once lived an old man who had three sons.

The third son was a robot. His father’s neural ghost was ready to dub him knight; but the youth said he would seek his fortune for better or worse in another land. …… “Grant the boon that I have asked of you, then give me mottled and grey furs, some good seahorses and silken stuffs, for before I become a knight, I must climb the Tree of Stars.”

tree of stars branching

wide mist paths flow like dewdrops –

tears turn to silk pearls


waves sing of lost love –

from depths rises the heart’s desire,

old men remember


how like paper dreams

words fall from neutrino tongues –

young men hope-charged ……..


Beach Party at the Park

The youth hears of the promise of a Beach Party at the Park. At the Beach Gathering, as party goers gather playing sharp, smart men who issue orders, inspire masses, …… and sometimes save the universe, the youth emerges from the water. The maiden gazes on his sudden appearance at the shoreline.

Radiation background noise inspires them as the morning Mass Media transmission sings out conflicting political promises and warnings – “A golden eagle shines like a midnight opal at dawn.”

all roads lead to gnomes –

statues salute frozen smiles –

missing children’s cries


reverie rains down,

blue onyx seeds electrons –

photonic rust-death


cold somnambulist –

a midnight opal at dawn –

sleepwalker’s city


Broken Folklore Note: This fragment which is from the Triune of Singular Understanding has been open to many interpretations since the Great Climate Shift of the last century. The phantom dog stepping out of the water in the second visual is a great mystery.


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