Deconstructing the Idealized Woman

Deconstructing the Idealized Woman 1nm


Deconstructing the Idealized Woman 2hnm

Deconstructing the Idealized Woman 3hnm

  Imprisoned behind a constructed reality of values, beliefs, and ideologies, the Idealized Woman twists herself into the plastic confines of a Man-u-fractured Doll. Tries to escape the locks of Celebrity Status defined Beauty that fences her in, pasting her onto a billboard fantasy, while she masters the Gaze that draws  the viewer into a web Cinema  Magazine Cliches.  The audience  craves the exotic illusive illusion  of the Daring Prince &  Dancing Princess in a far off land that is suspended in a  Fairy Tale crafted by Disney and  smoothed over in the Glossy Veneer of a Travel  Destination Poster.


9 thoughts on “Deconstructing the Idealized Woman

    1. Thanks very much. I wanted to take the Media Literacy analysis and turn it into a prose poem – let the imagery and metaphorical language carry the ideas, rather than analytical evaluation. 🙂

    1. Thanks. Yes, assembled and deconstructed Mass Media content. We substitute symbol for underlining meaning and then try to turn the symbol into an actual thing.

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