Observed Encounter Between Water & Rock

Observed Encounter Between Water & Rock


Observed Encounter Between Water & Rock 2


Observed Encounter Between Water & Rock 3


Observed Encounter Between Water & Rock  4

Observed Encounter Between Water & Rock  4b


As we observe and then capture our observations in the form of images, we construct reality that reshapes our experiences and memories.  We share these reconstructions with others through a variety of Social Media or converting our images into printed documents. Are the printed documents  just an older more formal type of Social Media ? Let me take out that Family Album and Aunt Pauline’s Scrapbook and we will observe memories pasted on paper.  Or are they hung on wall at the end of the hall, waiting to be ignored or cleaned of the dust of indifference ? Has the hallway become a Social Media device for storing memories & experiences ?

Perhaps the wall is more grandiose, all stark-white full of contemporary emptiness where that Smart Urban Crowd carrying wineglasses gather experience the latest images and shaping their shared memories into insightful critiques of knowing wit. The wineglasses, white wall and thoughtful lighting become a Social Medium or a well constructed  marketing display like the bright lively fruit and vegetables at the local grocers.


Observe the encounter between water and rocks and consider what has been framed . As you observe, note that you have become part of the context. The viewer themselves carry the memory, the information that was constructed out of the experience of viewing. The viewer, now a medium, modifies the information. The message is the medium – device, environment, audience.


One last observation to be noted. Consider again the first image and compare it to the third.  In the moment of taking the photograph, another slipped in gaze and was captured gazing at the encounter. You may spot the creature framed by happenstance and action and oblivious photo-bombing the first scene. The constructed reality blends him into the abstracted environment. The first image captured the event of observation. The image is both concrete and abstract in the information it conveys.



20 thoughts on “Observed Encounter Between Water & Rock

      1. He popped his plastic cone covered head into the frame just as I took the shot. Combined with his motion, the best way to incorporate the intrusion is emphasize the abstract quality of the whole composition. I am sure he was trying to figure out what the heck I was looking at that could be so interesting. 😀

        His whole being observed observing and introducing himself into the frame set off the train of thought that built up with the sequence. Can legitimately say dog gone inspiration. 😀

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