From the Book of Orchids

orchid page 6rfw

There are words here amongst the leaves and petals of the book. They take root in the memory digging deeply into the strands of the emotions that colour thoughts & actions –  remember how he quickly called the barber from the accident site  – so many cables and wiry tangled threads, aerial roots clinging to clouds and columns of words like butterflies seeking nectar,……. as the mind flutters about, seeking the truth.

Orchidaceae – like  birds in the rafters of my mind –  terrestrial orchids may be rhizomatous or form corms or tubers. What do extraterrestrial orchids do when they desire music and moonlight – do they dance and dream of other worlds , contemplating & wondering if there are orchids on other planets ?

orchid page 7rfw

There are words here, if I could just find them – the barber wept when he arrived , recalling the music and the dancing  – sentences and meaning become difficult to separate from the pages. The tango music plays in the background as he flips through the pages of the book searching for a clue. Who could have done such a thing ?  The orchids whisper about  secrets and forbidden kisses.   They reach upward towards the stars as if they belonged there .


Somewhere in these pages is the answer; there must be an answer.  One must have patience when seeking enlightenment & understanding. 



orchid page 8rfw




5 thoughts on “From the Book of Orchids

    1. Thanks for comments -much appreciated. 🙂
      It is my creative response/accompaniment to the images. A bit ambiguous narrative that was intended to suggest someone dealing with a traumatic event.

      From time to time I repurpose pieces of writing from other posts, building an odd linage of imagery and theme. A few of the lines in this post were borrowed from an earlier post where I was playing with found poetry and online comments.

      The information about the orchids came from Wikipedia as indicated by the links.

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