Wind Swept Leaves on Green Metal Mat

Wind Swept Leaves Green Metal Mat


12 thoughts on “Wind Swept Leaves on Green Metal Mat

    1. Thanks very much. I did a whole set of close-up photos of the pan’s surface. I then created compositions modifying them by blending shots together. It creates a rich variety of textures and colours.

      1. It’s rich beyond belief. I love all the layers overlapping. I imagined that recreated with body paint, this set would look nice on a model’s face. I saw something similar in concept in a Bazaar shoot and I loved it. x

    1. Thanks very much Sherry. The photo was taken when we had the sudden rainfall and the wind kept shifting. It would go back and forth from wind swept driving rain to a almost still heavy drizzle fog.

    1. Thanks very much. The stressed metal metal texture can create a very intriguing combination of qualities – part photograph, part engraving and as you point out, a suggestion of a painted image. 🙂

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