waiting butterflies are not thinking of you

waiting butterflies are not thinking of you


You should not dance – in the hospital, waiting butterflies are not thinking of you.


In the room of Deprivation,

Waltz past the drawing table –

Neon steel shines brightly –

electric white cones,

Great giants rise up –

the analgesics needles were angel hairs

that day in September.




Stars – on Cerulean kabuki gowns cast near –

rise above the lapping waves,

then sink mournfully

to the call of a black and white trumpet.

They are invisible to those Grey-green Gowns with the ivory trombones.

Tasking the centre now….

What is missing? ….

Whither you go East or West ,

What time is it now ?


X-rays of empty days,

filling the long hallways with empty weeks,….

I do not believe you.

You can not make transparent promises.


Today we’ll see clouds in the Dishpan Lakes –

“Only currently do imports bring porridge,”

we will say,

while sitting,

perhaps in a Crimson Round Barn,

asking for cocktails

with names like Hot Ash & Black Ginger Gyre.

Survival singing an Area into Circumference


To discover the world of exhaustion,

Is not a zero –

it is Survival singing

an area into a circumference –

a dance down silent halls

towards that Pale Blue Seamstress,

who sits by the window,

in the thin light of morning.

 the scalpel polishes the skin



Now, please do not ask today –

for the scalpel polishes the skin.



Note: This post was inspired ( using a completely inadequate translation to generate idea association )  by the post Oggi ( Today)  found on the blog Un Artista Minimalista.








15 thoughts on “waiting butterflies are not thinking of you

    1. Thanks very much for your observations & support. It is greatly appreciated. 😉

      The ambiguity of the narrative and context of the verse lends itself to personal reflection and association. While I had certain ideas and metaphors building in the piece, the audience will resonate with it on different levels, both on personal and aesthetic levels.

      BTW The second and third image were originally presented in posts on Dark Pines Photo blog. Clicking the images will take you to those earlier posts and see further interconnected ideas.

    1. I am so glad you approve. 🙂

      I have had to depend on inadequate translating software, which is particularly challenged when dealing with poetic language and devices. What it does do, is act as a great tool for exploring communication patterning and providing synchronistic structures.

      Your poem became a scaffolding of images and theme. I riffed on this and built up layers. The finished piece is ambiguous, suggesting a person who is dealing with the impact of a medical issue or procedure, but that may be only a coping mechanism , just a personal metaphor of life experiences. The audience brings their own context to the piece and must use that as an interpretive tool.

  1. Reblogged this on Un Artista Minimalista and commented:
    Today I had a beautiful surprise: my last poem “Oggi” was the starting inspiration for a new, fascinating visual and poetic work on Implied Spaces (impliedspaces.wordpress.com), a project I warmly recommend you for its deep and surprising depictions of the complexity and simplicity of beauty

  2. These ar elovely images. I’m glad you have fun with machine translation. i sometimes use voice recognition to render well known poetry and give them new richness of meaning. I also had a look at Un Artista Minimalista and that is a good site, thanks for the images, and the link.

    1. Glad to make a connection. Each person brings their own context, an implied space in which emotional connections and interpretations grow. 🙂

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