Hidden Truth: 9h – 14h

Hidden truth 9h

Will you find the life-stealer damage at the strike of the first blow of the Octarine kiss ?

In this way, the Lion finger of pure blade-mail will heal him.

Do you now kill him for the Hidden Truth ?

To enter the Many Doors of Secret Knowledge takes but one kiss.

Hidden truth 10h

American News of the body’s appearance came swiftly.


They handed out the truth colour within 30 minutes of wild tigers being hidden.

Hidden truth 11h

This is how to start most of your proposals. If you are worried about the anxiety, then praise your God ( insert subliminal message here).


The will to hold in the top of The Fig of Knowledge is stronger than you think.

Hidden truth 12h

Traditional steganography is the way to Hidden Truth.

For example, collateral damage is used in the same way as how the colour of each pixel that is repeated in the electronic image can hide a message,…………..

Much in the same way that the Face on Mars (Hidden Truth) is a kind subliminal message from the Universal Unconsciousness ( hide some of the cheese in the letter, or just give me the cracker now ).

Hidden truth 12hg

Analysis of the sophistication of these things is important when receiving a kiss. However, the attention can be confused by hidden truth and unknown colours because there (is) something strange here, lips cling to the memory like fragments of tape on an old letter, revelations are found  in a more detailed study of the photo plate ( old mass media technology ).

Just study the design of the flag ( watch for repeating pixels).


Hidden truth 12hh

Daylight in your room now ?

I would say that it is appalling .


Hidden truth 13h

Termites are the new time computer virus.

It will leave your blood.

Cold stone collage dividing the shattered message, that you want to hide in your e-file on the public web site.

Hidden truth 14h

It was the escaping information that appeared to get their attention. ( Give me another cracker now. )

OH BOY Spanky Exclaims

If there is a conspiracy here, it is of your own making ( insert hidden truth here ).


6 thoughts on “Hidden Truth: 9h – 14h

    1. Yes, Plato’s Perfect Forms would be part of the Realm of Archetypes – yet we must first gaze on hidden truth midst patterns and layers shadows and reflections.

      See: http://secretsun.blogspot.ca/2012/08/mindbomb-john-carter-pkd-and-face-on.html

      BTW I composed the text by first searching the term Hidden Truth. I found references to Dungeons & Dragons role playing techniques, steganography & cryptography, and the multitude of various conspiracies & cover-ups that bloom on the internet. I structured pieces/quotations from a mix of sources and topics and ran it through Google Translation. I then used elements to create the fragmented dialogue of revelations. No doubt someone will one day use this piece to demonstrate the connection between the Mars Face and the American cycle of political assassinations.

    1. Thanks Ashley. I used a mix of images, surface of baking sheet pan, torn packing tape , old taped book covers and newsprint pieces. All reveal the hidden truth. 😀

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