Egalitarian Movers of The People – Going Rates

People's Movers Postcard

You can Move some of the People

Some of the Time,

You can Time some of the Moving People……..

But you can not Move All of the Peoples

All of the Time……….

Apathy plus Information Entropy equals Inertia .

Watch this Space for Change ( or not)  – 

Brought to You by Any  Political Movement

Seeking a Position of Power.

Demo-Chaotic Society

The Movement  of Demographic Emotions


Vote Individually  as the Group.


People's Movers frm


3 thoughts on “Egalitarian Movers of The People – Going Rates

    1. Thanks very much. The present Canadian election has created a context that on occasion intrudes on my thought processes. Between some of the American style political advertisements and multiple debates and latest opinion polls it is difficult to maintain clarity of thought – not to mention stop despairing at negative cultural attitudes.

      The blog posts help me re-align my mood somewhat. 😀

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