What’s Going On Here ?

What's Going On Here 1


What's Going On Here - To be Continued

One of the things that intrigues me about the blog space is how context, information  and connectivity of links  shape the information presented. It is an Implied Space where  messages (information and context ) can be constantly changing. The blogger has only partial control over this flow of change and as a consequence these changes are random in nature. I explored this topic in some detail on  Dark Pines Photo in the post, Conveying Information

The two images posted here are from a screen shot of a recent post, Bryan Hitch on Batman, that appeared on my Media Literacy blog, Dark Pines Media .


As you can see, the icon gallery of posts I liked  creates a sequence that is shaped by my choices; in this case four different blogs ( Countries – Australia, England, America and Germany ) were visited:

Between Scarlett & Guest  –  Posts 2nd of October 2015, Sidney  through  28th September 2015, London

Marta’s Adventures in The Big City  – Post Water Bow Wow

Lemony Shots  – Posts Vintage and Absence

beeblu blog  -Posts  Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed  Change  and Hiiumaa

 These are links provided  because the gallery links on the page will no doubt  change over time.





12 thoughts on “What’s Going On Here ?

    1. Most welcome. You and Richard have produced a remarkable ongoing piece of Mass media art and it needs to be noted.

      The compositions in this post would have a totally different character if any of the blog posts were changed and they all must be acknowledged so viewers can experience them in their original context. 🙂

  1. Thanks for the mention, Joseph. 🙂

    I’m studying a Philosophy of Art unit at the moment, and context is currently under discussion around Duchamp’s readymades (which, I’m afraid, do nothing for me 🙂 ).
    But context does shape the message.

    1. Most welcome – glad to expand the connections. 🙂

      Not overly familiar with Duchamp’s readymades – checked it out and asked Liz’s opinion ( as art teacher). It is an iIntriguing concept about the role of context in making an artistic statement. It is similar to a performance piece, the act of putting the object on display in a specific setting for a specific audience creates the art.

      There are also Mass Media interpretations. The artist uses the object as a medium to convey a message. It really has nothing to do with visual art in the strictest sense – it becomes a form of mass media, like leaving a series of broken sticks in a combination to leave a message.

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