Integrating Old Data

old data 1

old data 2


old data 3


old data 4


9 thoughts on “Integrating Old Data

    1. Many thanks. It went through a bit of processing. I originally thought the shots were going to be done in monochrome. I may still play with that, not sure yet.

      The display at the Club 90 community centre was some recycled art by people who use the centre. The social commentary was something I constructed in the implied space of these compositions.

      1. That’s what is so intriguing about your work. The conscientious attention to details we can’t see. I also prefer not writing an essay to explain my process. Talking with readers allows me to reveal that. That is a wonderful community effort with the recycled art. x

    1. Many thanks. Technically the first one is not the original image – it was processed with a combination of two layers each one with a different effect. In once case it was a monochrome while the other layer was a modified layer that went through two different processes to create a stressed abstract texture . 🙂

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