Organic Configuration in Implied Space

Organic Configuration 1


Organic Configuration 1bfrm

This was a perfect example of implied space in the real world.  The man-made structure becomes colonized by a life form – it becomes a bridge between the man-made  world and the natural world.  This was not an intended purpose for the surface of the hand railing, but it became implied space on which life took hold.  A reminder of connectivity, unpredictability and the power of the natural world.


The images document this event and turn it into organic abstracts – a mental construct that forms its own implied space. What will grow out of it now, as it becomes part of the Internet’s mass media flow ?


Organic Configuration 2

Organic Configuration 3


Organic Configuration 4


6 thoughts on “Organic Configuration in Implied Space

    1. Thanks very much Lemony. I’ve been using this blog to explore the implied conceptual spaces that reside in between using both visually and in experimental forms of writing .

      I found the fungi growing on the metal surface of the bridge fascinating – one expects such growths on man-made material below water or in the open air on stone and wood, not that often do you see it colonizing & transforming metal surfaces. I tried to convey the colonization & transformation through a visual sequence. 🙂

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