Stigmata Beach: Read the Runes

stigmata beach 8


Stigmata Beach opens before you,

like a palm spreading out to the horizon –

Shorelines weep upward,

displaying runes of forgotten languages.


stigmata beach 9

Poems, plentiful as pebbles,

push up through the grains of sand –

washed smooth by time and tide,

Revealing fossilized dreams.


stigmata beach 10


Secret tongues full of symbols

flame the mind with searing visions –

Past splashes playfully in the waters,

urging you into the depths of drowned yesterdays.

Tomorrow’s breeze stirs up the waves

that weave patterns in the sand.


stigmata beach 11


stigmata beach 12


Read the Runes.

Raise up the Eyes.

Rising Stars fill the Gaze –

Here lies Sacred Lines

Washing up from Liquid Skies.




stigmata beach 13


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