Fall Colours – Corroding Memories

Fall Colours - Corroded Memories 1

There is no longer you for endless days –

I lost my memory of those years,

and yet in the simple heart

a trace of distant love remains waiting.


Sometimes the melody of the song,

and sometimes again the gray fog,

awakens in the anguished heart

love that went with trembling tears.


Fall Colours - Corroded Memories 1GH

The wind of Autumn yellowed trees

Filled the crying air with singing leaves,

Voicing a secret longing – trembling now,

like a withered leaf, as wind throws wide your door.

Fall Colours - Corroded Memories 2


Fall Colours - Corroded Memories 2GH

You know the elusive autumn dread –

you know half the songs sound unfinished.

When Autumn brings forth the whistling wind,

You’ll understand that it is  my voice you hear.

Fall Colours - Corroded Memories 3


Note: I revised a translation of the song lyric of the Polish Tango Jesienna piosenka ( Autumn Song ). Hopefully it better conveys  the emotion and integrity of the metaphors & imagery.   The images  work as both metaphor and as Necro-Media, emulating the deterioration of older types of photographs over time.




2 thoughts on “Fall Colours – Corroding Memories

  1. Love what you created. I’d like to hear the Music and see the rest of the lyrics. Is it available someplace online? I am sure the Music is plaintive and sad. I like the brown picture in the series, the color is sadder and more Autumnal.

    1. I did insert the YouTube Polish version in the post. It should appear between the first and second stanza.

      I had to take a the Polish Lyrics and put them through a Google translation. Took a bit of segmented translation to get a proper sense of word choice and possible interpretation. I then had to consider awkward grammar/phrasing – some parts I stuck close while in other spots I had chose to convey the emotion while moving further from a literal translation of Polish idiom & imagery.

      Let me know if the embedded music is not showing up.

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