Mass Med – PopulaR CultuR ?

Mass Med -Poular Cultur

Mass Med – PopulaR CultuR ?

In this way, the Lion………. finger……….. oH !

Scan text – read between the lions.

VERSION 2 ! Available Now !!!



Constructs Reality ~

Has Codes & Conventions ~

Contains Values – Beliefs – Ideologies ……

Conveys Intended & Unintended  Messages ……….

Consumes other Mass Media, turning them into Content ……….


Edition 04 !! Odour Online Today !!!!



An Ode to All The Things You’re not, ………


PLUS Public Cheap & Easy Lighting !!!!




Zeitraum 46 sieben ? …… Em  is an aunt in typography .

6, 29, 4, 5, 9 ……..Finny Fun Toxins –




period for the eight bit error rate 2012

Joseph,  Wildlife by BOAT !!!!!

But,……….  A Bobbled Hippo Jeer Swiftly.


p. 52m6  MacF FULL TEST Penta Yelliot Now !!! 

Yes,…….. Fellowmen oft tilts Tuna Place.


Mass Med -Poular Cultur 2


Note: Please watch for anagrams and other word play.


2 thoughts on “Mass Med – PopulaR CultuR ?

    1. Good catch. The Lion and Aunt Em. 🙂 The other part of the pun word play is that an em is a unit in the field of typography. 😀

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