Remembrance in the Forest: Antique Impression

Remembrance in the Forest 1fr

Magnificent mountains grow upward on the strands of the horizon. The first one floats on the talisman song played by the ancient lute men. Tears caress the strings of youthful memories – Remembrance in the Forest. Antique Print, impressed and corroded by time, kissed by rusted edges of yesterday’s dreams – we did fondly kiss at the rusty etched outskirts of yesterday’s dream. Impressive engraved mount takes wing on the slopes of the rising sea. Another step invites you into the realm of remembrance. The next one asks you to enter the growing grey blue sky. The clouds’ soft murmur becomes a lullaby.


Trees & Blue Grey Sky


16 thoughts on “Remembrance in the Forest: Antique Impression

    1. Thanks very much. I started with the first image before composing the text. I was aiming to emulate the aged stressed qualities of a photograph from an earlier time period.

      By choosing a nature scene as the content it alters things further. Some of the earlier processes originally worked best in studio for still life or portraits.

      As you point out, the combination of subject and technique creates this other worldly timeless impression. That result in turn inspired the text.

  1. Beautiful both images and words. I see a man the size of the tree in the first image to the right. He looks sad or in deep thoughts…something/someone of the past still looking in, observing….

    1. Thanks very much for your intriguing observations and responses. I noted a shifting profile on the left.
      Curious how certain types of images and text can trigger a dream like awareness of inner realities. So glad this piece made a connection for you.

  2. You have elements of a fractured fairy tale in your images and your words. You speak of the forest, rising mountains — the context of a tale — but move through it with different eyes and different words.
    I think I understand why Suzanne sent you along. Your work is remarkable and broken folklore works as fracturing the realm of the fairy tale.

    1. Many thanks. My idea for broken folklore was to blend together the tale, the event, and elements of interpretation/exploration. It becomes a deconstructionist form of narrative, fragmented in voices and shifting from prose to poetry. Depending on the piece , some components have more prominence. 🙂

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