Broken Haiku Machine on Tripod of Fear


I found the blog, Illustrated Poetry.  The post, Found Poetry Thursday – with random poem bonus! , has some very useful links, including Language is A Virus,  and a Dada Poetry Generator.   Tried out the Haiku generator using some of the lines from Marcy Erb’s Thursday post and then tried the Dada generator using a recent news item, see link below.  Sculpted  it all into the following mix of haiku, tanka and imagist prose to comment on photography & communication in our recent cultural angst.




It binds the gun~photographer with social media strings from anger that comes from fear of terrorists.


In the Lens Inn

posted these Photographic

Apps at Was-now.



From Some to a While –

They spotted, posted thoughts

To the One – strings,

wild photograph art –

How soon it must,….. exhibit.

Shedding Light

In Poetry Arts

No one can photograph Now

without unspoken words .


It thinks all that too –

up & why, that’s when excuses

fly out – reporting

that a tripod to brain-gun

Machine Carrying-Camer-Ah !


When in Pennsylvania carrying a think list , remember that go-to citizen was reporting a tripod called gun fear.

Photographer’s Tripod Mistaken For Machine Gun, 911 Called

I see, aha (a concerned tripod called, obsessed that it shouldn’t be a machine of terror, when Eagle newspaper sent out photographer to shoot) now, kinda ups about self’s anxiety threads.



10 thoughts on “Broken Haiku Machine on Tripod of Fear

    1. Thanks Derrick. In an age of social media and amazing advances in communication and mass media technology, we seem to be slipping into a world of misinformation, disinformation, and emotional content over factual analysis & thought. Creative self expression may be the only means of cutting through the noise.

      The above incident was treated light heartedly by the newspaper and the online post played down the seriousness of the event. Had the police been more anxious and less well trained of mind, this event would have had a different outcome and way more news coverage. Add how some parts of America are living out a Hollywood vision of Die Hard in the 21st century Wild West Show, and some poor photographer might be shot while carrying their equipment.

    1. Language is a Virus and Poem-of-Quotes have lots of creative resources. The retired teacher portion of my brain wants to use them with the students. So much useful creative material out there now – a young teacher could be opening minds .

  1. Thank you for the shout-out! I think your “random” poem turned out very well – my favorite verse is:

    In Poetry Arts

    No one can photograph Now

    without unspoken words .

    1. Thanks very much. Your post was great and the resources are very useful. I am very fond of creative use of mixed mass media and your work is an excellent example of that form. 🙂

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