Centipede Astral Projection

Centipede Astral projection

Centipede Astral Projection –

some to have been the end of it.

It is looked upon – gone!

He jumped to freezing, completely –

Forum a pillow.

He jumped things –

info on spiders & five that I’ve seen.

He awakened by what I thought at –

legs & 5 at the mine, but not.


I realized I had removed my night clothes in case it was in them, but I do not remember that.


Centipede Astral projection 2

Centipede, I’ve cut appearance anger,

And it disappears; it does not have negative set.

It is – it is in the case where it was –

I’ve deleted my evening dress.

It has effects-set windows –

I did not immediately like,

but I do not remember it.

It has He-ha !

I incident Negative.

Too really when full.


This? I feel sleep.

This? I feel the anger.

Up too reality when full.

This? Bedroom, I am above I.

So you may be bad –

As much as I.

I experience, feel the people, my bed inch.



Centipede Astral projection 3

I have the experience.

Protect Eye –

I project the thousand deleted,

If you are in

For all cases of insect.

Other negatives such as, eventually or not,

It came to like me.


Time characteristics of the experiment:

dream to cover illness.

I sit with golfers.

I experience astral rest.

It is clear, My Water – Nothing Home.

The dream of a new pillow in the sea,

My nose at the bottom.

Carrying a dream are a thousand legs.


Father Poetry Dèlkoomba says, “Bye-bye wild water wind poem questions. Come here.”


I am quoting the sea, “Read more about the poetry of the boat of the Father. Away now, the poet apparatus sails.”


Further Instructions: If your Operator Astral Spider was looking for someone to report, I found these four. Willow me what knelt – Trends like a centipede crawling half a point last night. Only you have begun to see the other side of things, which means star and the celestial body of future adepts (the travel jazz ministry and other gangsters) please the re-fallen dream. This is the dream of freedom and emancipation. Also, the people around you. I do not sail. You enjoy the rojo–wine – Dance. Formed, that it is a symbol of … Relax.


OH BOY Spanky Exclaims


 Note to Blog Viewing Audience: So  a while ago,  I created this abstract  composition that I called Centipede Astral Projection.  I decided to create a couple more to see how a series would develop.  When I prepared the post, I decided to see what a search of Centipede Astral Projection would generate.  Well was there stuff to find.  Who knew centipedes and astral projection  was a thing ?  I sure didn’t.  You can learn about stuff on the internet – see example.

Now, when I was a child I had a couple of quasi-out of body experiences, false awakenings  and lucid dreams.  When I was older I experimented with meditation, induced lucid dreams and dream journals;  read up on altered states of consciousness and forms of meditation.  I am aware some experiences can be a bit weird, but the centipede  text was a bit of a surprise . I decided to take some of it and put it through Google Translate and the Dada Poetry Generator .  After some sculpting and modifying, the finished  Dada Imagist Narrative  that accompanied the above images was the result.


8 thoughts on “Centipede Astral Projection

    1. elmediat

      Thanks Sherry.
      At least it is weird and interesting in a fantasy and metaphorical imagist way – as opposed to a ” there is a astral centipede on my pillow” in a seriously weird tin-foil hat way. 😀

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