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6 thoughts on “Shopping Online

    1. Thanks Claudia. my daughter is a Downs person. She will write out/draw these intricate patterns and lists of words, numbers and letters. I have scanned some . One resembled a type of keyboard and I incorporated it into these compositions.

      1. I think I remember from mail art friends that this is called asemic writing, I think? I am very interested in words (wherever and however they are created) and using words and letters in different ways, and how the person writing is communicating (this sounds kind of airy , I guess I mean – I like the look of writing and arranging it).

        Anyway, I think your daughter is on to something and I hope the two of you collaborate with more of it. I just loved the look of the print swimming around in the images.

      2. Thanks Claudia. Natasha’s developmental level leads to her copying out things, though they may have additional bits and squiggles. I’ve been thinking about how to further incorporate some of these – perhaps they will go into a Dada generator or one of the other poetry apps I’ve recently been introduced to.

        Double checked asemic writing, was only vaguely aware of the term though I knew of the concept. Found some interesting sources , including animated GIF of asemic art.

        More idea & forms to ponder & explore. 😀

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