Heidegger Ministry of Truth in Bureaucratic Paint Equations:

Heidegger Ministry of Truth in Bureaucratic Paint Equations:

A Deconstructionist Hyper-linked Poem

I owe you the truth in painting and I will tell it to you.

Paul Cézanne

Essence includes painting of shoes,

like a discussion of the Heidegger Description Van…….



Truth breaks an axle –

Umbrella refugees flee.

Which of these wheels roll ?



The Pink Goth’s painting of empty roads,

his off time and tutu work –

just a description of a painting, really ?

In the Heidegger Thing or in the Sky –

which offers shoes, which just follows steps? 


And yet, …….. Heidegger’s choice of van Gogh’s painting as example of truth as non-concealment/openness to the world is rather enigmatic.  


Why shoes?

The rain in Spain falls on brightly coloured umbrellas.


Heidegger Ministry of Truth in Bureaucratic Paint Equations:

The User’s depth >

2@(Paradox of the emotional amount) =

Title < larger equipmental context

Discussion point, “the title of the image”.

The truth is a personal sized

Essay door.

 Stepping Into Text


This question is at length discussed in Scarecrow’s essay – the question of depth and truth, or truth as debt, is a Central Inn of Unquiet Shadows. “Restitutions of the Truth is pointing,” or pointure (shoe’s size), is based on Desdemona’s cross-dressing salad.












 Heidegger’s essay “On the Origin of the Work of Art” (1945)  

The title rope knot



the struggle for Truth






the “proper” door frame.

Artists sculpt with brushes, tears, and pens.

As long we only imagine a pair of winged/worn shoes in general proximity to our imagination, or simply look at them empty eyed, unused/waiting for use as they merely stand/sleep there in the portrait, we shall never detect what the Equipmental Being of the shoes’ instrumentation truly is.

Van Gogh, Pair of Shoes, 1886
Van Gogh, Pair of Shoes, 1886

From Van Gogh’s painting we cannot even tell where these shoes stand/grow – laces, extended tendrils of paths taken and not taken. There is nothing surrounding this pair of peasant shoes in a dreamer’s context to which they might find roots & branches – only an undefined space and time waiting to become … A pair of peasant shoes and nothing more, to be or not to be ( but in truth, they have become a painting) on the refugees’ road to somewhere/sometime/something else. The constructed reality is ambiguous, and yet…… are the souls of the shoes not revealed in art ?

Shoes step through fields,

listening to a quiet gift,

the ripening grain.

Stepping Into Text 2


Now vibrates the earth’s silent phone,

it is the unknown,

like the selflessness of the artist’s pen-brush dance.


In cold broken fields littered frozen text,

Seeded with footprints,

We find the fallow desolation of winter’s edge.

This device, the thumb of reality,

which is diffused in the painter’s anxiety

taking wing – tears rise with the setting sun –

heartbreak ‘s harvest.



The more it does – matchsticks burn.

This can serve as a collective concept.

We are under the sea to have a soup-bowl – art alone.


Cow stuck in Textshire


Heidegger is not interested in van Gogh’s painting as the work of art; rather, his primary concern is truth which is narrated/created by/in the painting.



Only thunder under the roots of trees,

It rests on the reality of leaves and stone

rising up from marshes

that operates quietly in our soul.

The Artist brushes tears on canvas,

declaring, “I will burn the pen”.

The want of joy.


The firefly stood silent again,

before the shivering shroud of wordless winter –

fallow field of star light death –

a trembling envelope surrounding significance,

scrappy dragonfly of time

before the impending birth-bed.


This equipment belongs to the earth, it is protected by the peasants of the world. These refugees, protecting the rest, belonging to the equipment. From out of this protected belonging itself rises to its resting-within-itself. (Emphasis in original self seeking refuge from a broken road of despair – pointure.)



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