The Dadaist Detective and the Curious Case of the Asemic Arsonist


The Dadaist Detective and the Curious Case - Asemic Arsonist

Miss. Boyd shook the retail side of the jaw.

“They say that my work was married to my only word. You can not be thinking about …”

The man speaks to her,…. she is your flame-hair of red,…… she opened her ruby mouth. He said this: “I tend Rao. This is the case, because just Q on the minimalist; the patient made love. Ask the nurse about the matches.”

Coded Transcription # 1

My R ‘UCY .

Mone is in Jzero

Keg MR. Feb. now !

Koan, In eye.


The Dadaist Detective and the Curious Case - Asemic Arsonist 2

GI Guard was pleased with my presence. If necessary, it was to be needed.

“It is otherwise,” he said, ” and keep the fees. Everyone there is no reason to know koans or haikoos. We need to find it before the fire, leaving the place as soon as not think about it.”

“Of course,” he said.

I left a link, so I saw them door-wave at the cooper shop, but it did not burn down.

“Please have them. They are big ones.. They were more preoccupied with arson.”

The Dadaist Detective and the Curious Case - Asemic Arsonist 3

“Ear to the ground. However escalate, if you go to the material, Ron, who correlates squib slips with others, sees Crime. I also know it is CAMP A kickoff. That did not lose a point on my door to help fund a new Submission (T); it can be assumed that you do not get it.”

Women hold commissions. Miss. Boyd also visited a network game that was part of the research team.

She asked, “Oh, Mordecai did you do …..?”

“I …” she began. Miss Boyd, shook the sleeves of the jaw on the side.

“It was just my expression, that she married the Smoke to my aforementioned work. Then, he did not open his mouth,…. are you thinking … ?”

As he speaks, red cylinder and the top is sealed. “Queen Villa Rao is known to all now. If however you go to apt.206 at the Inimical…. ”

“He did, for the sake of love, I know,” she said. 

The Dadaist Detective and the Curious Case - Asemic Arsonist 4

Mever-Lucy J scratched my Koan – forgot Mausoleum, Taurus, my eyes and the keys.

Got aboard police boat. Gill was happy with my presence. It was to be as addressed, if necessary.

“We in any case,” he said,  “know it has been adapted to keep them under suspicion. Both have a reason to do what I do know, so go to the place I left shortly before. They noticed the fire wood. You think about it ?”

Approaching steps, like stones on my soul, could be heard  moving closer. Even the owls know when the school bell is broken.

” Sure,” he said. “But, fire is not set to one note of music. Please look at them. They were also tenanted by reasons.”

“In leaving the relationship, use that door business.”

Coded Transcription # 2

A thinker wanted – plugged them in

the Will. The wanted think-time slept.

guard, if thinking.

wanted going Mimi was the Jzero GI.



Jzero – I needed a wave if you find Timur.

Jzero – GI waves will cause haiku thinking.

Ask about that finding.


The waves of the necessary,

Occurs the sleep before thinking –

expertise lifts wave-guards.

Who necessary –

because GI found winged wonders flying;

Many issues hid promises – knowledge woods.



Find a reason to guard,

Who before to miles to you are to sleep – go miles,

miles nervous, I held, found I not.

We all in a Timur Jzero now.

Haven’t Had the Haiku;


Thinking Jzero – little go Jzero before.

And file all the soldier ideas !

Dance movements Cooper.

Not the Jzeroes of Needed promise.



I’m jzeroed – I should know;

Touch guard-wave;

Away – to guard -;

Find we now, noh theatre, before us the shadow play in firelight –

But now too is a wave – a request be regarded  in love-lea.

Gi – I’m sleep, only I;

Timur waves’ element rises –

timureueul, it is semmi.


Dadaist Detective

A wave of shock protection was moved away – it was monitored. He needed to find out now, before she succumbed to smoke. She was a red head with a camera and desire for truth, but now many of the allegations waved to fabulous secrets.

He left the optic nerve of the earth, without butter. But if the tool-school joined the cooper shop, his band zero was simply the pain cat.

That they were going to another was not in doubt. Who slipped the moss? It comes to crime Stammerer. Who else ?

He pushed his way in as the jaw flapped in the wind.

The man in the corner said, “I will also begin, no errors, Newt financing.”

“It is Poutine time Charlie. You realize that she may not have lost my number, to help is decile by nine.”

He closed the case in smoke script and timreulyne. The red head got it all on camera faster than a pixelated pickle in a barrel of slippery well eeled politicians on the take & partying by Smokey Eyed Lake.




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