Shedding Light on the Perspective 3

Shedding Light on the Perspective 3


Shedding Light on the Perspective 3g


Shedding Light on the Perspective 4


An observation: Our desktop screens as personalized. Like a piece of artwork we modify to express our individual priorities, preferences and aesthetic values.  Our beliefs and ideologies an be seen on our screens.  So in producing these images and the previous one posted eralier have I hidden or revealed myself ?  Have I, in effect, created abstract selfies /

Note that much of the text used in these creations comes from my daughter’s copious  notes and drawings. She is a Downs person with a unique perception of the world around her. 


3 thoughts on “Shedding Light on the Perspective 3

    1. Thanks very much. Our sense of self is tied to our relationships. To create an expression of self incorporates the Other.
      Interestingly, most selfies, especially those taken by the young are either focussed on time, place and event. Since many of the young are in the process of developing relationships, they either are using their images to communicate with others and establish a group or demonstrate they are part of a relationship.

      I think, as we grow older we see ourselves in terms of time past, present, future. Our family, offspring become a definition of self.

      1. Yes, our children are tied to our ‘definition of self’ and especially important as time passes. My daughter has recently moved back at 25 and has redefined my purpose and joy in life.

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