Map Notes

Map Notes 1


Map Notes 2


13 thoughts on “Map Notes

    1. The luminous engraved effect was a bit of an accident – once it headed in that direction it was easier to keep it than change it. The challenge became maintaining that characteristic in both images. 😀

  1. Wow dude, there us some serious detail in this one. The impression I get is one of layers of consciousness laid down in a kind of strata and a frame made from Grecian philosophical stoicism. As always plumbing the visionary depths. Many thanks for sharing!

    1. Many thanks. Used a variety of text and map pieces for these compositions. The Cyrillic alphabet adds an extra association of hidden cultures.

      1. Indeedy. Mysterious And timeless in that regard. Textually speaking it could be like a cross-sectioned reference to a deeper quantum reality. If you look at the text as little letter windows opening into a void or field of psychic interconnectedness.

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