Old Garden Book Pages 6 & 7

garden book page 7


garden book page 8


10 thoughts on “Old Garden Book Pages 6 & 7

    1. Actually you prefer 7. I did not realize it until I posted that images were 7 & 8. Six still exists in implied space at some other moment in time. How is that for unintentional meta-textual commentary on reality & perception ? 😀

      1. Ha, Ha, I stand corrected, page 7 it is 🙂 Though maybe I’m posting from a contiguous time and have already seen page 6?

      2. Contiguous Time occurs when there are sudden bursts of neutrinos across the International Dateline , but only if one of the bursts reverses direction.

        At least that is my excuse for the error in posting these pages. 😀

  1. I’m staring out through a window from inside an old rainwater tank. Watching a previously unknown species of animal camouflaged amongst the bamboo. If we watch a little longer we might see it move again! A very creative cross hemispherical moment. The left-brain frame giving way to the resoluteness of nature’s more right brained re-assimilation in rust and the lush beyond ness of resplendent bambooshery. Rockin good visual brother. Thank you for the muse!

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