Optimistic Yule Log Hopeful

Optimistic Yule  Log Hopeful


9 thoughts on “Optimistic Yule Log Hopeful

    1. elmediat

      What you are looking at is a composition about decomposing. 😀 It is actually a a portion of a birch tree that is in the process of rotting down. The bark is curling up. there are growths and what could be animal droppings that are going into some other transformation.

      The Yule log was a British tradition going back to pre-Christian times and comes from Nordic celebration marking the Winter Solstice . The huge log is burnt over the 12 days of Christmas.


      Here in Canada, we often have table center piece setting that may have red candles and other wintry Christmas elements that has some faux log piece, usually looking like it came from a birch tree. The white & black bark goes well with the red & greens.

      From our Quebecois cultural heritage we have gained the bûche de Noël, a desert made of sponge cake to resemble a miniature actual Yule log, it is a form of sweet roulade. There are also ice-cream cake versions.

      So the hopeful log in the post is neither burnable nor edible., though it would make quite the conversation piece at the Christmas table. 😀

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