Mad Love’s Refrain 1

Part One :

Sandy Lover Promotes a Special Hat

Promote  a Special Hat

You say I and the sea and everything is All;

Loving you is to love mimes .

Sin in two lines, now that is a song;

Those whose branches reach the hart of desire, no doubt finds;

You desired a Special Hat,

But we loved you still.


Garden Path 2wtr


Separations disunited only your ends,

without your knots.

It too erases all the sandy lovers like myself.

Gently, who loved me in waves of brine,

Just seashells on the beach now.

Life Noises uses the Clock’s soul .


Garden Path 3


Look slowly, carmine zones fill

All the empty words of glass.

It will protect the colours of the soul,

but not the chimes of regret.


Just seashells on the beach now 1

This is to promote a special hat.

That is stillness sitting

in the shaded chairs on the beach.

I will always be paid soon. Always…….

Garden Path 4

Refuse, please, I try to imagine the life of this diving hatred cascading and breaking along the reefs. So I, in reference to this development, must say what I think. Please be gentle with these solitary kisses, sand slipping between fingers even now. There is a good sea still waiting for those who hope.


Just seashells on the beach now 1

Wee flowers will grow in the sunlight by the station. They say that the eyes follow the shadow of the natural free extremity, and so we both moved on, …… But always remember, when you have a need to come with a piano, look for the dog in the window of the day-house.

Just seashells on the beach now 2

Until then, we have many options. You have to understand love.

Why move to the Fates? I have a few meters in the hand.

This too is to promote a special hat in the usual place.


Process Note : This began as an exercise in deconstructing a mish-mash of text ( some may still think it is – they may be correct). It wasn’t even intended as a post, just a writing prompt. At a certain point, a pattern developed, a disjointed refrain, that appeared to be an ambiguous dialogue ( the best kind).  Was it more than one person or an internal fragmented mind coping with memories and hopes ? So I called it Mad Love’s Refrain.  It is also longer than I expected, and I have divided it into parts, based on the patterns and repetitions that naturally evolved.

I dug deep into my collection of photos, going back up to nine years – images from various times & places have been combed to create the pieces. The antique albumen print style  built up the sense of the passage of time and reduced some inadequacies of earlier photographs, while the exuberant colours  suggested a tropical/summer print. The combination of the two styles, I think, captures the duality within the text.

The next part in the Refrain is called Conversations in an Amber Jar.


7 thoughts on “Mad Love’s Refrain 1

  1. Whatever you choose to call it–conversation, dialogue, currently or posthumously deconstructin–I thoroughly enjoyed.
    Very evocative. Palpable tension. I feel a struggle with memory here that I deeply resonate with. Memory and I have a complicated, often regretful, relationship.

    1. Many thanks. I hoped that the layers of imagery and suggestion of tension would leave it open to interpretation and personal connections. Glad it made a connection for you. 🙂

      Some of the other segments are fragmentary and absurdist/dadaism in tone. Still working through the final segments trying to apply a structure that connects to the rest most effectively – well maybe. 😀

  2. And here I thought I had lost the plot, not following but required to continue reading. Parts of a whole or holey part of . . . . . the jury is out on this one 🙂 but I still like your ability to frame your images with the most delectable combinations of frames.

    1. I am not sure about this one either. From a blogging perspective, it is easier to present this in segments. On the other side of this there is a development of sorts as it moves on.

      Further on in the sequence, the back and forth of the lines feels more like a dialogue between two individuals. I am still working on the balance in the poetic language and imagery; it moves from clear/explicit to obscure/Dadaist . At some points, the only way I could structure some of it was in haiku stanzas. Trying to add a bit more connective tissue without committing to one interpretation. 🙂

      Glad you enjoyed the images. 😀

    1. Thanks very much Richard. I don’t know who the Sandy Lover is or what are his issues. He is obsessed with the sea and the beach, art in a variety of forms, a hat, the moon and stations (railway/religious), just to name a few. 😀

      I must now go seek an amber jar for some photos and a conversation. 😀 I will figure out more of the text by composing some visual pieces.

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