Sorry I Haven’t Got A Gnu

New Gnu1mt


Who knew ?

Sorry, I had no clue,

that was some new Gnu at the zoo.

What a Wildebeest !



New Gnu 2mt




4 thoughts on “Sorry I Haven’t Got A Gnu

    1. Thanks very much Richard. I was listening online to Sorry, I Haven’t A Clue on BBC radio4Extra. One of the challenges they give the panel is to take a well known book or movie title and either change one word or one letter to comically alter the meaning & intention.
      The Gnu for Clue popped into my head. The verse quickly followed. ( I my head I still pronounce the G, as I did when I was much younger and first encountered the name. 😀 )

      The two images were found online in public domain – Not too many wildebeests in out mid-Northern Ontario bush to photograph. The newer & larger colour image had lots of pixel degradation and a more abstract rendering worked best. The older small monochrome image worked best with some sort of old paper texture and this resulted in the transitional texture mat. As you point out, it creates a sequence of transformation between the two images. 🙂

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