Listening to JAZZ-FM91 Online

Listening to Jazz-FM91 Online1


Creating images while listening to  – More than just a radio station, JAZZ.FM91 , Canada’s only broadcaster and registered not-for-profit charitable arts organization dedicated to enriching the cultural, educational and community experience of their audience.

Visit and explore

warm cool  sounds moving curved lines –

transpose auditory.

Listening to Jazz-FM91 Online - The Canadian Jazz Archive 1

The Canadian Jazz Archive Online, brought to you by JAZZ FM.91, Canada.


A class discussion –

 Improvisation means what ….

a free-for-all + rules ?



Initiate strings –

a musical discussion

Is thinking out loud.





2 thoughts on “Listening to JAZZ-FM91 Online

    1. Many thanks. These are digital images created using screen shots of my desktop screen and the page of The Canadian Jazz Archive Online.
      I have been playing with a hyper-tiling plugin that I recently acquired.

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