Meaning of Humour in Literature

Meaning of Humour in Literature

Literature often uses language differently than ordinary language (see literariness of the literati  versus the literate literals). Literature can be classified according to whether it is real fiction or  non-fiction ( mostly, some what, unreal or virtual metaphorical)  and whether it is poetry or prose; it can be further distinguished according to major forms such as the novel, short story or drama; and works are often categorized according to a) historical periods of their wigs,  &  b) shoe size & colour.


Modern coventurism is used in describing trans-realities of two unconnected narratives, such as is found in “Sleeping Miniature Muffet and Bantam Blue’s Shoehorn”.

Purple philosophical tracts and speculations on history and human nature recede from linear integrated literature with social and political developments.

The Four Foundations of Modern Clown Sadness

First, you must address the Clown in the library.

The Second First, they or the enduring crows cry;

he cried tears of sad laughter in the mourning after tea biscuits.

The Third First, Comic crying designs and resistant hulls produce sanguine (optimistic and social) despair and choleric (short-tempered or irritable) sawdust.

The Fourth First, Literature, it is melancholic (analytical and quiet) fiction or non-fiction or else a phlegmatic (relaxed and peaceful) poetry and prose.

The First Second, It is impossible to be classified according to the Most Musical Formulations.

The Secondary Final Third, Analysis and peace should be irritated or angry stone inspired.

Digital Absurdist Theater


Post Modern Virtual Art Installation Performances

Include the possibility of mixtures of the types. Wave Goodbye to the musical comedy stage production, designed for family entertainment aboard trains of thought and theatre in the octagon . It was developed in England, and is still performed there, generally during the Mustache Monday Mummers Festivals, Christmas and New Year Resolution Cycles. Seen to a lesser or greater extent, in other English-speaking ( this includes a few portions of America) countries .


Mostly found in temporal moderation when combining Modern pantomime and Tragicomedy, such as an insight sacristan’s projectile, which was adopted as a song of comedy dance; can be compared to the history of the combination of humor and the injured emotional syntax found in the popularity of fairy tales based on The Nurse in The Two Accounts.

Clowning Requirements

A Colorful type of rapid social optimism trampoline personality –

Cirques eased suggest a soft quietness.

Songs, slapstick comedy, and dancing that employs gender-crossing actors framed by trans- humour pathos.

Certain aesthetic features or expectations (genre) combines topical humour with a story loosely based on a well-known fairy tale, fable or folk tale.

Clothing recognizable both psychological states and nations.

Have known Life is essentially meaningless, hence miserable.

The clown’s footwear is super-induced upon metaphysics psycho-therms.

Inverse slapstick and visual puns disappears in the transitional ice of the religious dimension that transforms contemporary life.

Adherence to the possibility of such a mixture is present in implied probable spaces of mixed metaphorical metaphysics.

This is fine light kissed –

forget-covered crisp grass –

skin of hiring knot.


The possibility of holding such a mixture, blending figurative metaphysical eyes of sapphire, and present rich shiny space paradox, implied probable gold hare in a hat. It’s pretty head all upside slapstick mixed. Bookmark the moments.


Laughter turns pages –

between lines tears smile back-glance,

visual puns crest.


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