verb (used with or without object), agglomerated, agglomerating.
1.   to collect or gather into a cluster or mass.



2.           gathered together into a cluster or mass.
3.            Botany. crowded into a dense cluster, but not cohering.



a mass of things clustered together.

5.    rock composed of rounded or angular volcanic fragments.

Agglomerate 4

Agglomerate 5


5 thoughts on “Agglomerate

  1. These photos look exactly like the way I feel about the content of my blog right now. It is an agglomerate cluster – an incoherent mass. Your images look like the way the inside of my head feels when I try to get clear on it all 🙂 No wonder I have decided to declutter it. Thanks for giving me the word to go with my mood.

    • …..Or has new meaning and connections been created in the mass medium of words and images ? 😀

      Consider the beauty of pudding rock .

  2. Strikingly original, as always. There is a temptation to twist the picture around to the right. It gives the impression of a vaulted cathedral. But that could also be because I just read an article about Nicolas Copernicus with a picture of an ancient church in it. Thank you as always a real pleasure to behold. I hope your new year is going exceptionally well. Warmest regards!

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