Messages from Beyond

Messages from Beyond 1

But five months after his death,

My grandmother called the hospital,

I saw coming towards me through the snow,

the hyperpyrexia patient

some of those who were closest to him

started receiving mysterious emails

from his eerie account,……”


Messages from Beyond 2

His phone rang at 4:50 ante meridian,

an unknown number sews threads,

left behind,

strange jumble of static,

unidentifiable sounds,

various voices all layered

mentioning private conversations,

one on top of the other –

just before his death,

he let it go to voicemail .

The mysterious phone message

belonged to a funeral home in Hawaii-

Aloha, the time of her death was 9:45 post meridian;

Rosabelle, answer, tell, pray-answer, look, tell, answer-answer, tell.

A bit of google-fu in the night-shirt and red flannel jacket

kissed the raven and the owl.

Shadows had died shortly after my grandmother and aunt had left.”

Number no longer in service, from their visit

of sleep paralysis the night before,….

impossible to decipher.


Messages from Beyond 3

And in his sleep, my phone number, I say.

At the time of use,

please, see the Forest Four

for the realization of death encryption –

pray for the mystical dress,“Red Reaction”.

This beautiful result is 9.

The answer is yesterday.

He said Death visited me in flannel sleep.

The grandmother’s shadow disappeared immediately……….

responding with night-wings over parallel crystals –

Funeral and gaunt layers

Comes After Desktop Evocations.

I do not know what I’m saying.

Where is the code ?

Perspective 2




Aloha possible length of the T-shirt for the night.

And in his sleep my phone number, I say.

Please, see the Vermilion Forest



Tears runoff in dreams – a Death Encryption.


Two pray for a mystical dress .

This Babel comes after Red Reaction 9.

the answer was Yesterday.

He said, Death visited me with flannel sheep.

“Aloha, possible length of the T-shirt for the night”.

Puppet Action in Black & White 2

There is no thing I can say.

Note that sources are hyper-linked in stanzas.




4 thoughts on “Messages from Beyond

    1. In this case, as far as the basis of the images – it includes screen captures from Ghost Crazy (1944) featuring Shemp Howard and The Crystal Ball (1943) featuring Paulette Goddard. 😀

      Sometimes the Beyond derives from a greater synchronistic sequence arising from the unconscious – time & space seem unfettered in such circumstances. 🙂

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