Gravity Waves Valentines

Gravity waves Valentines 1wt

Light ascends on energy curtains –

there is a present possibility –

Tremendous black stones slowly dance closer –

black eyes melt together

whole songs of tomorrow.



According to Einstein’s theory of relativity,

Energy forming minutes of memory are gravitational;

Through walls of sleep

rise up ghosts,

comets of gradually growing heart beats.



When a pair of black holes orbit one another,

they lose energy

like half tones of past promises.



In creeps relativity, moving –

Until butterflies of speed

see space, causing waves of sleep.



Einstein’s mind bounces off large screens;

Moving at about half the speed of light,

they bash together,

Released as sleep.

Big headlines jump up.

Black eyes will melt all the songs of tomorrow.

earth_in side-pocket


In the final minutes of their merger,

they speed up considerably,

until finally, honey and flowers –

they ride the moonlight,

finally art, another poem.


Another Valentine’s commercial

raises expectations like gravitational waves

bending Spacetime


A tremendous burst of energy is released,

Propagating before speeding lovers,

converges in a city of considerable hats.



A light touch of energy,

Propagating through space

as gravitational waves of sleep,

smiles go before dreamers

  • kiss galaxies.

Buy the stars

– be a celebrity of love.



According to the theory of relativity of Einstein,
The energy will be produced in minutes.
Such is the power of Sleep, a wall of gravity.

Lift the ghost of the future past
like a comet outperforming in the heat,
As it spreads into space

sleeping on gravitational waves.
You go to the front

of the smiling embraced galaxy

wide screen high definition romance.


2 thoughts on “Gravity Waves Valentines

    1. Thanks very much. It is remarkable news. 🙂

      The multiple reports and attempts to explain the significance combined with the plethora of advertisements of Valentine commercialism exploded in my mind to produce this post. 😀

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