Moth Awakening – Order in Chaos

Moth Awakening Order in Chaos 1d




9 thoughts on “Moth Awakening – Order in Chaos

    1. Yes, they do disservice to both Peggy Lee and Aubrey Logan . Logan does an excellent job performing this song in a jazz style. But it is unfair to create a false comparison to Lee. Logan comes a bit closer in this performance to Ella Fitzgerald or Lena Horne , with elements of Lee.

      Many of these contemporary pop songs have melodies that can be adjusted to earlier styles, but their lyrics do not necessarily fit these styles emotionally or stylistically. It is more challenging for the singers to emotionally resonate in their performance than it is for the musicians to play the arrangement. Hence the moth/butterfly arising out of the chaos. 😀

    1. Missing the cat. There is a one eyed multi-legged something and a couple of future primitive art renditions of crawling other things. 😀

  1. Dismiss Post Modern Jukebox for one song? Nah. They’ve found a clever retro niche, and pull off some great covers in different styles.

    As for “Moth Awakening,” if you rotate it 180 degrees and squint, it’s a Samurai Warrior sticking his tongue out in a Kabuki show.

    1. Not a dismissal, love their work. I think that their musicians and vocalists are superior to those modern pop stars they are reinterpreting. They do sometimes, to my view, mislabel some of their styles.

      If you look through my posts by way of the jazz/music tags I have featured a number of their pieces. 🙂

      Thanks for dropping by & commenting. Interesting observation on the abstract. A further example of implied space. 😀

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