Ekphrasis in a Coffee Cup

Blissful Beatified Beans' Heaven in a Cup


We Coffee-up copious mugs, that steam the black power of night into early day. Staring out cafe glass, we become part of the marketing as someone grabs a snap of the window, our caffeine enraptured faces circumnavigated by shop logo and slogan โ€“ Blissful Beatified Beans’ Heaven in a Cup. A SUV chugs past in a hurry to insignificance, as the photographer walks off with a frozen moment, and a piece of our nameless souls trapped in digital amber.

An artist in the corner sketches the vehicle, capturing it, along with his kinetic energy, on an analogue page. Will the SUV one day be an exotic extinct memory, like the wild horses on the rock walls of Lascaux ? Our thoughts turn to the passage of time, memories, fashion trends, and environmental degradation . We anticipate an increase in the history of the passage of big game animals, growth of ultraviolet almonds, too ugly for words.

We watch the Jeeps carrying coffee and croissants, especially older models, as they torture the air with the carbons of the socially mobile(Tools of the too intense cosmetic cosmic blue sky motorized porcine fossil fuelled ointment of ornamental decorative doodads reviewingย  yesterday’s mail).

Keep in mind that according to experts, the Western art scene was soon seen as specific information in writing. This one that I have created has an oblique attitude. It was written by the Greek mountain called Ekphrasis. As these letters were written, try to imagine that emotional corners physically exist in hyper-realism, where vermilion heighten scarab winged dreams are flying over the intensity of surreal tragicomedy.

Some work notes are passed between us as we prepare to leave.

# 1 However many cases, the modulated image data always arrives at the “sprout point”. As observed, whaling walls do not burn and all explanations closest to reciprocal rejoinders are archived for study; listen to the Committee of Sleep.

# 2 This intuitive color exposure of Tree-Flowers’ Amplified Vapor Grass is found at right angles on home made paper. Please change patriarchal platitudes about perfectly pointed shoe-dances’ ingots. These require further edification and measurement along the lines of smiling prophetic astral Ishmael Miles.

# 3 Moth-day months, filled with personal occult salvation, reveal butterfly wings open at the situational stature union of divided illusive masonry. Any subtraction of illusion missions has an exponential existential potentiality. It was an elastic transcendental abyss drain, a shiny modulated surface garden of remembrance! Still greater is the value placed on hermetic allotment during the moon coverage communication period.


Artwork by Barry Comer.


The post was inspired by Barry Comer‘s artwork and the post Quickies Are Fun. Please be sure to check his post and blog.


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