Ball of Yarn – Enter Here

Ball of Yarn -Enter Here 1

Hero picked up the ball of yarn and entered the fearsome tunnel. To his surprise, the ball was too large and filled up the tunnel entrance. So leaving the ball, he held on to the end of the yarn and slowly spun it out, as he went deeper into this place of wonder and dread. 

As he made his way, he found unexpected twists and turns, and many a curve was tossed  before him. At last, having travelled far and having grown tired, he came to rest before a  huge mirror. In it he saw not just himself, but the whole way back right to the now open tunnel entrance. Hero could see a bobbing light approaching him, and so he turned to face it. It was a young child, who in his hands carried the ball of yarn. Here in the vastness of the tunnel chamber the ball seemed quite small.

“I believe you left this behind.” The child held out the ball towards the fatigued traveller.

As he took the ball in his hands, a golden warm light rose up and rested on his shoulders. Turning then, he and the child looked at where the mirror had been. It was now an open portal through which warm summer air blew and  they beheld rolling fields of grain with starry seeds.

Together they entered to a chorus of joyous laughter and music most rare.

Here the cat finished her tale, turned, and entered the cloth tunnel, slinking through with stealthy grace as the music played.



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