Heading for All That

Heading for all that 1


8 thoughts on “Heading for All That

    1. It began with a quick shot of my daughter preparing to dance with the screen. Went on to manipulating the image – the blend of real environment and virtual screen environment lends itself to intriguing compositions. 🙂

  1. She had such an intense gaze. 😀

    Interestingly the dramatic effect was a consequence of the type of film used at the time. Until 1926, virtually all movies were shot on blue-sensitive orthochromatic film, and it continued to be used until about 1930. Blue-sensitive” indicates that the color blue registered very brightly — much too brightly. Skies appear perpetually overcast white and blue-eyed actors look somewhat frightening with their unnaturally pale irises. Meanwhile, red registered so darkly that it was often indistinguishable from black.
    Theda Bara’s famously blackened eyes were actually made up in soft brown and peach tones.

    Full explanation at this link: http://glamourdaze.com/2014/04/1920s-makeup-the-silent-film-vamp-look-a-myth-exposed.html

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