Enquiry into the Aesthetics of Spiritual Politics

Chapter One: Tips on Marketing Your Brand

Aesthetics of Spiritual Politics 1

A good place to start a business is considered to be clearly a pure myth. People have made money by creating a smokey-lit chapel atmosphere using emotional keyholes. These should appear in your creation. Then it will resemble an ancient rural church. It is like a slightly oppressive headpiece, an extension of a small pastor, bitterly consumed by his place of worship.

Throughout, the narrative remains –

An aesthetic expression  –

of both the photographer and the poet.



Aesthetics of Spiritual Politics 2

You have to optimize your transience of these ubiquitous phrases, but still achieve ephemeral states of honest expression. Use swords and make sure these have a good density of 3-5% . Rhythmic claves are vernacular objects of expressive movement. Search for functional performance and comfortable resonance, in order to find the time to bite into ‘higher’ forms of art . Productive webbing is useful in these creative rites of transition and unity, while others also have found WORMS useful as chosen idiom in fights with the subject matter.


DIET WORMS Useful as Chosen Idiom

Mass Media Constructs Reality 

Creative Rites of Transition and Unity !

When you are old and grey and full of Sleep,


Save 30%

Aesthetics of Spiritual Politics 3

As you proceed to a higher understanding of purpose, fabulous bees make money in your veins. The mystery at their heart has the potential to call forth a multitude of supplicants. Appointed tablets record the soul’s beauty. Beautiful islands of original furniture can be found in this tranquil place. It has more than sixteen hundred bus drivers and there are many moats with streetcars. These are Platonic forms that gather at the edge of the mind, best confronted during lucid dreams.


Aesthetics of Spiritual Politics 4

I just want to say that, in case you did not already know,

… there’s a mythological service already growing inward. Because our relationship with it is so abstract, it rings the notification of bitter substances in our daily life.

These sour noises turn objects around us into fables and fairy tales of regret and despair.


Lucid dreams waken

idioms of hope, Princesses on streetcars 

sail along moats of desire and tears –

they seek their own adventures,

overwhelming bees of finance and platitudes.

Aesthetics of Spiritual Politics 5

Cruisers are interesting, however, paintings and drawings still have ghostly tales expressed poetically in abstract diagonal spots. Murals of the human hand makes them eternal. There is a box place to jump into on the Far Left of the smiling tall conductor-toad-principal’s screen. Few go there, fearing they will become too compassionate and understanding of strangers who speak in tongues,……in our daily life, Human colour is striking.

Aesthetics of Spiritual Politics 6

The building of walls and cathedrals reminds many of a flock of birds, who in random flight adhere to an invisible conductor. Such a revealing line of mysterious quality – a Raising Scale of Supply Crates, which includes a random selection of Thematic Goodies. All the predominant colour schemes are secondary colours, a few lines of blood red and black with few primaries in lake tours. The water is wide.


Aesthetics of Spiritual Politics 7

By getting your soul in my favorite place, you have the opportunity to get your song sprite a more popular beverage.

Then you can imagine,……

in-your-face colours!

It is free to sign up,

and creative and interesting,…..

in a sardonic way.

Save 30% when you take the Streetcar !

Should art end at the edge of the canvas,

but it still be expected that strangers will kiss unknown galaxies ?

Aesthetics of Spiritual Politics 8

Hanns Herne-Hunter reminded us of a sample of some folk traditions in line with this societal question.

Such creative lineage joins us across the seas of history.

Some Notes on Process & Sources : This piece of writing grew out  one of those spam comments about increasing  viewers & online marketing . Besides observations of the mad mass media circus growing out of the current American electoral process, I have been reading Richard Guest’s  ( The Future is Papier Mâché ) three posts about Michael Craig-Martin: Transience at the Serpentine Gallery in London.    These three posts were a conversation with David Cook discussing the art exhibit. 

After composing most of the text in this post I started assembling the images.  The imaging work then influenced my adjustments & additions to the prose poem.   The images themselves are composed from photos and scans of old book pages, catalogues, newspapers, paper, as well as  some old photos from the commons archives.  I hope you find the post intriguing & amusing. Be sure to check the various embedded links – they will open a fresh tab.


7 thoughts on “Enquiry into the Aesthetics of Spiritual Politics

    1. When I was younger I could successfully create a lucid dream state. Now it just comes up in a first stage where I become briefly aware that I am dreaming. 🙂

      1. You have worked on controlling and centering your mind as I have. Lucid dreaming can solve problems, of course, but also create calmness and healing.

    1. Thanks very much Sherry.
      This writing process is very improvisational and a bit ” Steam of Consciousness” as blow off pseudo-intellectual hot air mixed with metaphors and imagery . 😀

    1. Most welcome. Glad you enjoyed my associations and jumps of thought. 🙂

      I recently listened to Susan Calman’s show on BBC4-extra, where she visits the Scottish National Portrait Gallery with Phill Jupitus. A insightful comedic explorations of society’s attitude towards art and public art galleries in particular.
      The online broadcast ill be available for 29 days.

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