Stitched Dictionary: Transformations

stitched dictionary  page TRANfw


stitched dictionary  page TRANfw 2


stitched dictionary  page TRANfw 3


stitched dictionary  page TRANfw 4

stitched dictionary  page TRANfw  5


7 thoughts on “Stitched Dictionary: Transformations

    1. Thanks very much.They are composed from a mixture of photos and scans of book pages, together with digitally created textures. I take several images and then combine them them – creating new images by blending a new composition with original images. A pattern of echoing elements then reoccur to produce a sequence that appears to go through transformation. πŸ™‚

      Have you been on the WordPress Reader recently ? I checked the photography tag and they appear to have altered the format. Instead of presenting one whole image from a post, it is now a partial image in a wide screen format. Many times you can not tell what the composition actually is without opening the post.

      1. Thanks very much. I am currently using PaintshopProX8 in combination with a number of plug-ins ( many of those free). One of my techniques to produce expanding borders is to enlarge the canvas area of the image. I then either paste in a section of another image or use colour replacement to blend in texture and patterns. πŸ™‚

        Glad you dropped by and commented.

  1. Simply stunning. Always pushing the boundaries in creativity. And here’s me thinking your work couldn’t get any cooler. I stand corrected (well, actually I’m sitting, rather leaning back semi-prostrated) but you get the picture!

    1. Many thanks. i have been combining new material with old and mixing tried and true techniques with some new additions.

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