Mandala Transfigurations

mandala transfiguration 1


mandala transfiguration 2


16 thoughts on “Mandala Transfigurations

      1. I currently use PaintShop Pro X8 with a variety of plugins.
        See link:

        To create the primary effect here, I created kaleidoscope patterns with PaintShop. That selected area becomes a duplicate layer and then is turned into Bas-Relief outline using RedField Plug-in. Blending the layer can produce an embossed appearance. Depending on textures and layer setting, it can range from wood, stone, paper or glass.

        Hope that helps a bit. 🙂

    1. Thanks Olga. I had to revise the first image because it was a bit too dark and needed a transitional lighter tone around the outer edge. 🙂

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