Curtain Rising

Curtain Rises1


With the season’s shift to greens and browns, the woods hew upwards against an uncertain white sky.  Choices  await  in myriad forms, fractured directions, cold icy caresses or downpours of awakening welcomes. Roots slumber in hard frozen soil, stretching out to connect clouds and stones in a memory older than roads and wheels. Glancing here and there, a tumult of recollections, as the actors prepare the next act to begin, ……..

The curtain rising

reveals green players waiting

for their cues – stillness.


Curtain Rises 2


7 thoughts on “Curtain Rising

    1. Thanks very much. 🙂

      Challenging season is a very accurate description. We’ve gone from heavy rain warnings, which bypassed us and now another cold front has brought snow ( supposedly flurries). 😀

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