Screen Performance

Screen Performance 1

This mass media shifted screen reality includes a view of two video screens in the initial  shot. If you will look at the enlarged version of either image, you can almost make out the figures in the small tablet screen. So the original photograph captured a screen image of me taking the photograph ( does this constitute a selfie ?).  There is an additional person added to the first composition. There was one cat in the original photo.  Remember all Mass Media constructs reality and Mass Media turns other Mass Media into content. 

Also, many thanks to Ashley ( Syncopated Eye ) for giving me another 15 seconds of digital fame by once again posting one of my self portraits on Strata of Self.


Screen Performance 2


8 thoughts on “Screen Performance

    1. Many thanks Derrick.

      My daughter is a Downs person. She loves interactive technology and ropes our respite worker ( the young lady pointing out that I was photographing them) into joining her.

      Tasha will put on the television for either games or dancing. She will sing and dance along with musicals. She goes the added step of putting her tablet by the TV screen so that she records herself. Immersive mass media captured by another media device and then manipulated on still another. Not sure what my Mother and Father would have made of this, then again they did get me a tape recorder when I was younger. 🙂

    1. Quite welcome. Your screen captures/shots are a great inspiration. The Dancers at the Edge of Spacetime came about when I tried to emulate your shots by using Fred & Ginger .

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