Johnny Cake Trees

Jonny Cake Trees 1


Jonny Cake Trees 2


5 thoughts on “Johnny Cake Trees

    1. Many thanks. The original colours in the photos were a bit flat. Changing them to antique monochrome and blending them with a texture layer produced more character and emotional atmosphere. 🙂

    1. According to an internet source: Johnnycake—also called jonnycake, johnny cake, journey cake, shawnee cake, or johnny bread—is a cornmeal flatbread that is prepared in a pan/griddle like a pancake. An early staple food of settlers of parts of North America. Recipe versions are found throughout the Atlantic coast from Newfoundland to Jamaica.

      The texture that I used was based on a photo that another blogger had shared. It was a shot of an old recipe ( New England Jonny Cake) tacked to a cabin wall. 🙂

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