Implied Space – Deconstructed Wave

Implied Space - Deconstructed Wave

This sequence is an example of a Mass Media Principle. Mass Media consumes itself, as one medium turns another into content. When this happens with a  re-purposing of older forms of Mass Media & Mass Media content, it is called Necro-media. An example of this can be found in a recent post on Dark Pines Media.

Implied Space - Deconstructed Wave 2

In the case of the post you are presently viewing, I used a screen shot of my earlier post, Fragments in the Wild – Leash Free . I specifically included the comment section, which included Deborah A. Bowman‘s comment  and my reply.  Also included was a segment of the icons that featured posts  I had visited.  This screen capture was cropped and processed, turning the screen content into a sequence of images that represent the process of one form of Mass Media consuming another and creating new content and form.  This process is happening all the time, but we take it for granted.  A photograph becomes content in a post.  The post becomes part of the Reader list.  A liked post becomes part of a list on some other blog or it gets re-blogged. 

Implied Space - Deconstructed Wave 3


Before the internet, a photograph could become  a magazine cover or an element of a magazine or news article.  An iconic image could become  a wall poster, part of a calendar, a component of an advertisement, or a print on a piece of clothing. With today’s technology, it can become a decoration on a cake and then literally consumed as a new form of media. All form of Mass Media can in some manner be converted into a new form . Below is a list of all the posts whose image icons were incorporated into the compositions in this post. Be sure to check out the originals; some are actually part of a longer chain of re-purposing and one in particular could be seen as a type of Necro-Media.



Golden Age Sub-Mariner Comics Review

The Psychology Behind Children’s Media


The Map

J4: Airbag

Le lecteur à la lumière du couchant


Sonntagsbild 4

I dislike Palm Trees Intensely


Gabersdorfer Kirche Südoststeiermark  


7 thoughts on “Implied Space – Deconstructed Wave

    1. elmediat

      Quite true. Media goes a step further – fungi eating other forms of fungi. 😀

      Interestingly, the older media never completely die. They re-position themselves with either a new target audience or new content. If that does not work, it becomes a component of a newer medium.

      Examples of this include the continued use of film photography, alternative process photography, the re-emergence of vinyl records, audio pod-casting and OTR presented online.

    1. elmediat

      One of the things I pointed out to my Media Literacy students was that they had choices.
      They could be passive consumers of Mass Media.
      They could be active transmitters of Mass Media.
      They could be active creators of Mass Media.
      Finally, they could be Mass Media content ( either active or passive).

      Previous generations already started that process. Consider all those family photo albums that were generated in the 20th century. Many of us have been consumed and didn’t even know it. 😀

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  2. Fantastic! I have to admit a “passive” pleasure in my brain when I immerse myself (“actively”) in the sequence here. I guess I’m an active-passive consumer in this case? Or a consumed consumer?

    1. elmediat

      Thanks very much. You are an interactive consumer. 😀 Responding to the Media content through comments and an icon link you enrich the content and extend the context of the post by way of a link to your own blog.

      This is a major advantage of the social media aspect of digital publishing – the reactions, responses and the personal context of the viewers expand meaning and depth of the initial message/content. 🙂

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