Salt & Vinegar Yoga

Salt & Vinegar Yoga


Salt & Vinegar Yoga 2

Perfect Position –

Salt & Vinegar Yoga –

Spiritual Pretzel .


Salt & Vinegar Yoga 1Media



Vinegar Yoga –

Twists eyelids  with salty tears,

Black and Blue Bottom.


Joe Venuti & Eddie Lang-Black and Blue Bottom 

( )


Salt & Vinegar Yoga 3


Salt & Vinegar Yoga 4







Note: Recorded on September 26, 1929 in New York City. Joe Venuti was born on a ship on the way to the USA from Italy and became, in many circles, The Great Jazz Violinist. Eddie Lang (who was also known as Blind Willie Dunn) was a boyhood friend of Venuti, and was the first  jazz guitarist to acquire national prominence.






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