Corroded Spaces

Corroded Spaces


We fetched corroded spaces

from the corners of our recollections –

hoping to climb above the hard edges

that cut the memories,

staining them,

rusty with regrets,

brittle with days –

still the ghosts of youth

echo through hollowed 

openings in time and space.

Were those shadows once us ?


7 thoughts on “Corroded Spaces

    1. Thanks for your comment. I was listening to Poetry Please ( online at BBC4 radio) , while processing the composition. The combination set off a train of thought and imagery . 🙂

    1. Thanks for commenting – a fascinating photographer & videographer link.

      The photographs were taken when my wife and I toured our community’s closed movie theatre with a real estate agent. I will be posting more – documenting not just local history, but mass media history, the end of the film cinema theatre; another shadow from the past century fading away.

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